I have been using the Bullnox pre workout supplement and i just wanted to say that you guys have hit a grand slam with this product. The changes in muscle hardness and strength have been nothing short of phenomonal for me. I am 100% more focused on my workouts and always feel like i can do one more rep with every set i do. Thank you guys for making such a fantastic product. Keep them coming!!!


I wanted to just say I use to be a huge *[Competing brand] person and would only stick by their products. No matter the price it was my only supplement company I would use.  My friend at work had told me about Bullnox though. After he mentioned it I think it took me 4 weeks of convincing to even try it.  I had lost some motivation to go to the gym for a while too.  I felt like I was going no where. After one workout of Bullnox, I think I have officially switched for good. Most of my weigh on everything has increased by 20% instantly.  I wanted to say it’s a great product.

Ophelia, AL

Hi, my name is Ophelia Nichols and I was told about your ripped juice product from a friend at work… I purchased it from a store named “iron headz” who were very nice as I might add and I started taking the ripped juice about 6 weeks ago..Let me first say thank you very much for creating a product that doesn’t lie!! There are so many products out there that really lie about the not so good products. Like I said I have been taking the ripped juice for about 6 weeks and I have lost 30 lbs!! My self esteem was so bad that I hated looking in the mirror. I am only 5’2 and I was weighing in at 160 or 158 and when I got on the scale and saw 127-129lbs I was so happy and so proud of myself that I started to cry with joy. It had been so long since I felt good about myself that I didn’t know how to feel or even what to think. I literally cannot wear anything in my closet anymore...I wanted you guys to know how happy your product has made me and I wanted everyone to know just how good it works. I look in the mirror now and like what I see… So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me…thanks so much…


Hello, my name is William ***** and I had a question.  I use your recently released fat burner, Ripped Juice EX2.  I lost 50 pounds so far and i am just now getting to the bottom of my first bottle of capsules.  Sure, the amount of exercise and my strict dieting play major roles, but I believe your supplement helped a lot. 


I am currently part of a small team deployed in Afghanistan. I just wanted to write and thank you for making a quality product at a good price. All the Marines on our team have turned to Betancourt Nutrition for their supplement needs. Thank you very much.



I have been using Androrush and Recellerator with great success. I have dropped 45lbs and 15% body fat in 5 months. Androrush is by FAR the best pre-workout supplement I have ever taken, beating out NOxplode, Animal Pump, and Jack3d. My muscles feel fuller, denser and ready to fire. Not only does it give me the energy to finish each set motivated, but the focus to keep my target muscle groups engaged during each lift. When coupled with good PWO nutrition, my recovery is faster and muscle mass increases are obvious. With many pre-workout supplements, stimulants can give jitters and inconvenient shakiness, but Androrush has a perfect balance of energy boosters to get that good 'Rage' without the anxiousness or jitters.


My name is Nancy *****, a nationally qualified NPC competitor in the lightweight bodybuilding division who is currently making the transition to the Women's Physique Division.  This past weekend I attended the Orlando Europa Expo and was fortunate to receive a sample of your product, D-Stunner, which I used yesterday in my AM workout.  I am already a huge fan and proponent of the Ripped Juice EX2 and therefore already had high expectations for D-Stunner.  This product not only gave me the long lasting energy I need to push though my AM workout, but it also kept me going for several more hours thorough out the day which helps with focus and concentration in my 9am-5pm career and then again for my PM workout.  Kudos to you and your development team for creating this product!  Oh, and the Ripped Juice is completely amazing.  I use it mainly to control hunger when dieting - without it, I want to chew into my left arm! I look forward to trying more of your products in the near future.


My name is Tyler ******, I am the manager of the Memphis Vitamin Shoppe Store. I am contacting you in reguards to the D-Stunner pre work out. I honestly would have never tried it unless it was sent to us in a sample pack which you guys did. The results were unbelievable and this product has honestly become my favorite and only preworkout supplement I will use. I have currently sold our store out of D Stunner and would like to do anything in my power to help continue the growth of not only this product but your brand.


Alright. Let me break this down. Things about this that stand out. First off, I was in one of those emergency pinches where I needed a preworkout supplement and had no time to wait for online shipping. So I did what everyone does. Runs to the local gym or supplement store. Went to a gym in the next town over because he usually has some other random stuff that Gnc does not carry. I came to a crossroad. I was either going to buy the isatori morph OR the betancourt d-stunner. Not knowing too much about betancourt I was rather hesitant because I hadn't tried the bullnox yet but heard some good things. Also been reading on the new lineup that is being pimped for betancourt. Alot of proprietary blends which Im really NOT a fan of yet the label is impressive to me because it sets itself apart from the other major labels….

Taste: taste was fair. Fruit punch was the only flavor available so had no choice. Mixed it up and shot it back. Easy to drink. Pretty tropical but not much different than most fruit punch formulas. Not a terror to drink which is good.

Mixability: mixed up fine in my shaker. Small sediment towards the bottom of the cup but I suppose that's really expected with anything.

Effectiveness: the label says start with half a scoop and work your way up to 1 1/2. Serving size is 1 full scoop so I started there. Waited about 20 minutes before I hit the gym and nothing was happening. Was really worried I bought a flop and it was 30 bones down the drain. After I arrived and started warming up it creeped on me. Came on slow and then started really pulsing on me. Great euphoric bursts and energy came over me and the pumps were overwhelming my shoulders. Could see each individual delt pop with definition. Veins galore which I can attribute to the glycerol and glycocarn. Had a few of the big timers in there today like Mr. Iowa. Always good to have him sitting and watching you when you're looking beast. Makes a guy feel really good when its enough to get the attention of someone like that. When I got to doing shrugs, I had major bulges of muscle on all sides of me coming to life. In all honesty, this shit delivers. Had all the same energy when I walked out of the gym so took my dogs to the park and had about a mile long walk still amped. As im typing this I still feel damn good.

Energy: can't explain the feeling because it’s so entirely different to compare to others. I will say there was no jitters what so ever. Just an uplifting euphoric energy high that kept me super motivated.

Have to say betancourt did an excellent job here. Very nice product and glad I didn't go with morphed. Will buy this again.


After using a few different PWO powders, I came across D-Stunner. I have been amazed at the difference. My endurance is through the roof and I find myself not wanting to leave the gym! I would love to try more of your products but am on a tight budget. I wonder if you have samples of anything I could try? If not that's cool but I have come to trust your company and I would like to spend my money with you. My biggest problem now is getting rid of the last little bit of belly fat I have after losing 80 lbs. can you recommend any product to try? Thank you so much for your quality products.


I just want to personally thank you for your support to the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community.  It is awesome that a company helped  support a group that is in a up and coming sport!  It is rare to find and greatly appreciated.  We had up to 70 students that attended the camp and asked what supplements we were using.  We gladly said Betancourt! Because of your products, I was able to train 3x day.  1st session consisted of 30 mins of weights with no rest, 2-mile run under 13 mins, and 1 hour of rolling. (rolling can burn from 700-1000 calories per hour based on intensity)  2nd and 3rd session consisted of 1.5 hours of rolling.  Thank God for your recovery drink!  After consuming it and a 1 hour nap, I was good as new.  The BullNox got me prepped for each session and it was an awesome feeling to not get fatigued!  I started 2 weeks ago at 165lbs with 7% body fat and now I'm 175 lbs. with 5% body fat.  All I can say is wow!


I wanted to start this e-mail off with a sincere thank you. I've been using Betancourt Nutrition products for the past couple months and I've been beyond pleased with my results. I've been using D-Stunner and I have to say that I love this product. I've been shredding body fat and noticing muscle gains that I've never seen before. Although I've been unable to use some of your other products, like Androrush or your BigBlend Protein, I am sure that they are as amazing as these two. I can also say that I've beyond motivated to achieve my fitness goals with your trademark "Whatever It Takes," because I have it as a background on my iPod and it reminds me to do whatever it takes while training to continue to achieve my fitness goals. Thank you for your continuing production of great products, and thank you for the results you've helped me gain.


I decided on feb 2011 that it was time for a life change not just a diet or workout routine.  My starting weight was 357 and im currently weighing 240, my workouts first started with pure cardio and calesthenics.  When i shredded enouigh weight and felt I was ready for the gym I looked into various supplements but with the help and guidance of Anthony ****** he guided me to D-Stunner and Engulterade.  The feeling that D-Stunner gives you is something out of this world!!!! it gets you focused and determined and you can tackle any workout without even thinking about it.  For post workout and muscle recovery i would drink Engluterade and even on rest days or when craving sugar i would drink some to help with muscle recovery. Not only do both products work but taste great! 


I have been using Ripped Juice Ex2 for the last 2 months and I can honestly say that it is the greatest fat burner that I have ever used!  I Was originally using Lipo 6, but that doesn't even begin to compare to Ripped Juice EX2.  Along with great fat burning, it also provides stellar mood enhancing and energy that lasts for hours!  I am excited about this product and will be a customer for a very long time.  Thanks again for a great product!

Justin S.

I just wanted to let you guys know how awesome your B-Nox preworkout is. I'm no gym newbie, i've been a serious lifter for 10 years and am known from my gf and buddies as the "Stim King". I've tried every pre-workout there is (ok well close) and cycle between 4-5 different brands at a time. I workout real late right before bed and for years i haven't found a stim based pwo that doesn't keep me up all night. That's maybe 40+ different pwo i've tried. That is until i found your product bullnox (b-nox now). I can take it 7 days a week, have a crazy good energy and pump and sleep like a baby as if i didnt take any pwo. i've already bought 3 large tubs (grape, apple, fruit punch) and cannot wait to try all the flavors! Do you guys have any future plans to add other flavors? Also, I just wanted to make sure you guys aren't changing the ingredients anytime soon, because if you are I will have to buy a $500 crate of these so i can never run out again. It took 7+ years to find something like this so perfect and I've already got my girlfriend hooked on it as well as my workout buddies. Just wanted to give props where props are due.


Hi, My name is Matt and I am writing to you to let you know how amazing your supplemental products are. My wife, Erika, and I have been working out for about 10 years now and have experimented with many different brands trying to find the ultimate products that work for us. We began taking Betancourt Nutrition and have never stopped since. Our goals are for building muscle and gaining strength and with the help of your high quality supplements we have been exceeding our fitness goals farther than we ever thought possible. We are always recommending Betancourt Nutrition  to our friends and other people we see in the gym. I am currently employed as a police officer in Vail and my wife is a firefighter/911 dispatcher. I have gotten most of my fellow police officers taking your products while they are training and Erika has done the same for her coworkers. Erika is in charge of the department wellness program and your supplements have helped improve the department as a whole as it is vitally important for everyone to stay healthy and strong in our career. As a loyal customer we wanted to know if you have any information, products, samples, or coupons you could offer us as it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

Stephen B.

I have only been weight lifting for 3 months and recently purchased my first preworkout supplement, Bullnox, due to my newborn taking from my sleep. After a week of taking this product I have to say, WOW! I feel like a beast in the gym! As a skinny guy my whole life I have gone from 132 lbs to 145 lbs in 3 months and I feel that I can take it to the next level with this product. Thanks for providing such an awesome product!!!!!


Just wanted to leave line letting you guys know that b-nox is amazing. I'm an active duty military member who is currently deployed. B-Nox really gives me the edge I need after a 14 hour shift. Thanks for putting out a pretty kick-ass product!

Ashlyne R.

I started using the pump'd powder about 3 months ago. I have to say It's hands down my favorite pump powder I've ever tried! The taste is amazing and the pumps I get from the drinking it are crazy. Because of a heart condition, I am not able to take pre workout or anything that has caffeine in it, so the pump'd helps get a great workout in every day. I'm currently training for my 3rd bikini show and I have to give Betancourt Nutrition credit for helping me gain more muscle through this prep. I'm on my 2nd container of pump'd and plan on re-buying every time I run out. I will definitely be recommending this product to everyone I know. So thank you for making such an amazing product that truly works great! 

Michael L.

I am a disabled veteran rated by the VA at 100% permanent and total disability. A couple of years ago my friend killed himself because the pain he suffered overwhelmed him. I decided then that I needed to do something. So I started working out so i dont face the same fate. Since then, I have started working hard and the changes have been slow but amazing. And my endomorphic frame has been noticed by others and it has encouraged me to push further. I currently use B-Nox Androrush and it has really helped me gain focus and energy at the gym. Since I have started using your product I have increased my PR numbers significantly. I just wanted to say thank you for an outstanding product. Thank you.

Dave D.

I just want to say how impressed I am with B-Nox.  I have seen significant gains in my squat strength while taking the preworkout.  Numbers don't lie.  Before B-Nox my best back squat was 405lbs with a bodyweight of 170.  Within a month of taking the preworkout, I got up to a personal best of 453lbs.  I teach group fitness classes at Capital MMA in Alexandria,VA and would like to represent your products.  I'm also an active duty Army Soldier at Fort Belvoir, VA.

Eileen M.

I absolutely love the D-Stunner! My husband and I both use it and it is the BEST prework we have ever had.

Cam R.

I am a nutrition-conscious teenager from New Hampshire and a huge fan of Betancourt Nutrition. Your supplements are extremely effective, taste amazing, and you are by far my favorite brand out there.

Braxton S.

Thank you so much for honestly making the greatest pre-workout. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s my favorite, I’ve tried probably 15 different types (not whole containers but one-serving samples). Some were okay, some were good.

But since 2014, there has been none that ever-EVER came close to how potent it is and how much it has changed my workout life.  (I’ll add a photo of where I was in 2014 to where I’m at now when I started going to the gym close to everyday).  It’s doesn’t give me jitters, and I feel it’s effect.

Brandon S.

Got the lean gains vanilla cream today...thanks for making a great tasting protein powder, hopefully it does well with my gains too. I’ll keep you posted but all in all the nutritional stuff is up too par and it’s one of the better tasting proteins I have tasted...thanks for making great products and keep making more. Also have tried your BCSAs and your pre workout and have no  complaints. 

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Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your Carnitine! I've used it for a copule of shows and it's an essential for me when it's time to get show ready. I've been using it this whole prep and I'll be 3 weeks out on Saturday. Thanks for a great product, Cheers.


I love your product, it has helped me out tremendously with weight loss and gains. Thank you. I will start tagging you guys.


Hey thanks for offering such good quality product on my military base. I'm on my second jug of B-NOX and I've started using Pump'D. Very good stuff. I even recommend your pre-workout to one of my fellow Chiefs. Thanks again.


I'm obsessed with your guys BCAAs!