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The Betancourt Nutrition story

Betancourt Nutrition™ returned to its roots in 2009 with the launch of the B-NOX™ pre-workout, the industry’s first pre-workout that supported the testosterone response to exercise. It was a product that coincided with a complete re-brand for Betancourt Nutrition™ as the brand committed to creating products that served the most advanced sports nutrition customers. But the re-brand along with B-NOX™ represented more than just a change in appearance, the pre-workout was just a sign of things to come as the brand catered its formulations to the needs of the most dedicated athletes: Creatine with, carbs, muscle volumizers and joint support, night time formula’s that put you into deep sleep within just a couple of hours, products for estrogen control and concentrated pre-workouts so potent in supporting focus that customers still ask about D-Stunner until this day. Driven by the spirit of pushing the limits of innovation and strength that led its owner to achieve early success with Ripped Juice™, Betancourt Nutrition™ quickly became known as the unsung hero of innovation that led to a nomination for breakout brand of the year in 2013.

As the companies structure changed and regulations changed the industries landscape, many up and coming hard core brands did not last through the years. But off the back of the companies two most successful products: Ripped Juice™ and B-NOX™, the Betancourt brand stood the test of time as industry consumers proved that quality, potency, innovation and great flavors will provide a brand with a loyal following. The B-NOX™ pre-workout in particular has been an industry favorite without any major formula overhaul’s for over a decade. But beyond B-NOX™ the brand also launched an industry first with a non-stim l-carnitine (Carnitine Plus™) that would make you sweat within a matter of moments after taking it. So whether you’re exercising or not you get the thermogenesis you need to burn calories and achieve your goals.

When faced with the next phase of the company’s evolution, the direction was clear: stick to your roots. In 2009 the company re-committed itself to its advanced sports nutrition customers with the launch of B-NOX™ and in 2019, exactly 10 years later the company will do it again with B-NOX™ Reloaded. B-NOX™ Reloaded will revolutionize the ‘fully dosed’ pre-workout category the same way B-NOX™ did and it will usher in the next wave of Betancourt Nutrition products that will push the boundaries of innovation and how great your hardcore sports nutrition products are supposed to taste. As the brand continues to evolve it will continue to re-commit itself to the customers that have stuck with it through thick and thin. Betancourt Nutrition™ caters to the customers that want to push the limits of what sports nutrition can do for your physique and know that no level of flare or marketing can make up for products that truly taste good and work!


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